Registration of disinfectants in the EAEU

Disinfectants are chemical and biological agents intended for disinfection, pre-sterilisation cleaning, sterilisation, disinsection, rodent control, as well as repellents and pediculicides used for disinfection


What types of disinfectants need to be registered?

Registration takes place in accordance with the specifications of Uniform Sanitary and Epidemiological and Hygienic Requirements for Products Subject to Sanitary and Epidemiological Supervision (Control) No. 299 dated 28 May 2010

The procedure of registering disinfectants is carried out according to the EAEU requirements.
The state registration certificate received shall be valid within the territories of the 5 EAEU countries.

  • Insect, arthropod, rodent repellents
  • Insecticides to control arthropods and insects
  • Disinfectants. For the destruction of pathogenic and harmful microorganisms from surfaces, woven fabrics, human skin, as well as for the treatment of premises and objects
  • Pre-sterilising and sterilising agents for cleaning and removing contamination

Registration stages:

Preparation and collection of documents
Import of product samples for expert examination
Conclusion of an agreement with a state body
Carrying out expert examinations and tests, preparation of reports
Submission of the collected and corrected dossier to the registration authorities
Obtaining a certificate of state registration and entering the information into the register
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